Purchase and Shipping Info


Purchase Information:

Puppies are usually available to be sent to their new home by 8 weeks, however some puppies need additional developmental time and we may wait up until 10 weeks depending on the dog.  A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold a puppy for your family, and your deposit is applied to the price of your puppy. If you need shipping within the US, we charge a flat rate of $400. Please contact us for International shipping quotes. 

When your new puppy is six weeks old, we require the final payment of $2500. Cashiers check, cash or PayPal are acceptable forms of payment. With PayPal, additional fees will apply to the final payment. We do not charge extra fees if using PayPal for the deposit. If you cannot make the payment at that time, the next person on the reservation list will move forward to the current litter. Your deposit can be transferred to another litter one (1) time, unless it is a PDX Labradoodles availability issue, in which case the deposit can transfer as necessary.

Puppy packet:


2 year health warranty.
•Micro-chip - We use one of the market’s smallest micro-chips.
•Copy of veterinary records including age appropriate vaccinations and deworming.
•Puppy Care Sheet.
•Puppy Photos.
•Blanket and toy that smells like their family.
•PDX Labradoodles Pedigree.
Grooming Instruction Sheet.
•Bag of food the puppy is currently eating.
•Phone and email support.


puppy goodies to purchase:


•Collar (Size Small) and Leash
•Food and Water Dishes
•Food- We use Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food (you can find this at Petco). We don’t recommend a food with grains because it can lead to allergies.
•Training Treats - Use high quality meat treats, or string cheese!
•Potty Pads – Your puppy is already almost completely potty pad trained!
•Bed and Crate
•Exercise Pen – This is an optional item, but is useful when you are still training your pup and do not want to leave them in their crate.