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Guardians are:


A household that receives a PDX Labradoodle puppy that has been selected to go through the health testing process. If all testing returns positive results, the puppy will become a breeding dog. This household must have an adult that is at home a minimum of 6 daytime hours, and can maintain a flexible schedule to bring the dog to appointments as necessary. A Guardian is a caretaker of an active breeding animal, and as such is responsible for protecting and nurturing their ward to become a healthy parent.

The Guardian must follow the terms of PDX Labradoodles breeding contact. Once the dog is ready to be retired or they don’t pass the qualifications to become a breeding dog, they will be spayed/neutered at the expense of PDX Labradoodles, and full ownership of the dog passes to the Guardian.

Guardian Benefits?

A Guardian will receive a high quality breeding puppy chosen by PDX Labradoodles, and will receive 100% ownership at the conclusion of the breeding time period, without paying the full-price for the dog.

PDX Labradoodles pays for the price of spaying or neutering the dog when it is retired from breeding.

The opportunity to be involved with a breeding program of Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles.



When opportunities are available, this summary is the base of our contract. Please review it carefully before submitting a cover letter as to why your family would be a good caretaker.


Requires the same $500 deposit as adopting. After the obligation period, the Guardian will take ownership of the animal.

An individual to become a Guardian through a contract and take legal responsibility to uphold the stipulations of the contract.

Attend canine training classes or hire a trainer.

Provide a fenced yard for the dog to be able to play in regularly.

Socialize the animal regularly with other animals and people, once it has had all appropriate vaccinations.

An obligation period for breeding availability is required for PDX Labradoodles, the terms of which will be laid out in your Guardian Contract.

Understanding that for females, the breeding process will involve you leaving our dog with us for a period of approximately 4-6 weeks, for whelping and weaning of the puppies.

Open visitation rights to the dog until ownership is transferred to the Guardian.

Communicate with us any concerns about the health or       condition of the dog.

Provide regular health and veterinary care, including       annual exams and vaccinations at the vet of our choosing.

Provide a drug and smoke-free environment.

Travel outside the US with the animal for the duration of the breeding availability period is prohibited.

Live within 1 hour of PDX Labradoodles, for convenience of both parties to manage the breeding process.

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