Australian Labradoodles have a curly or wavy fleece that requires maintenance in the form of consistent brushing and grooming. We recommend you use a professional groomer to maintain an excellent cut and keep your dogs coat in good condition.   The most important time to brush and maintain proper grooming appointments for your puppy, is during the coat transition from a puppy coat to an adult coat.   Your most basic grooming tools will be a comb and a brush, nail clippers, shampoo, and dental care.

Ear Care – Be sure not to allow any water in the ear canal during baths, and carefully dry their ears to minimize all moisture. If there is too much moisture in the ear it promotes the growth of bacteria, and can cause ear infections. Australian Labradoodles have small tufts of hair that grow in their ears and can cause them discomfort.  If the hair is not removed, it can allow ear wax to build up and cause obstruction in the ear canal. A professional groomer ensures that they address your dogs ear hair at each grooming appointment. This process seems like it would cause discomfort, but our dogs do not mind, and seem to appreciate having the hair removed.

Teething - Puppies can teeth for 8 months, and this may cause pressure on the tear ducts.  During this time, they can have an excessive build-up of brown eye “sleepys.” Carefully wipe the corners of their eyes to remove the residue. Brush teeth weekly with appropriate products to keep your pup’s teeth and gums healthy.

Nail and Foot Care – We trim our puppies nails on a regular basis, as well as handle their paws frequently to ensure that nail trimming as an adult will not be an uncomfortable experience.  Be sure to keep your dog’s nails trimmed often, and be careful not to cut the quick of the nail. We keep styptic powder on hand, which you can purchase from your vet or local farm store, in case the nail bleeds if the quick is clipped. Dab a small amount of the powder on the wounded nail, and it stops the bleeding immediately. Finally, with a small pair of scissors clip the fur around the pads of the feet, to prevent any knots from forming.  Be sure to reward your pup for good behavior after their nails are trimmed! Most people prefer to let their professional groomer handle any necessary nail trimming at their grooming appointments.

Coat – Brush your puppy at least twice weekly, coming through any knots that have formed. Consistent upkeep will prevent serious matting and will keep your dog’s coat looking and feeling soft and fluffy.

Bath time – We wash our Australian Labradoodles in the tub, with warm water.  Wet the hair, and then shampoo the coat working from the neck down.  When rinsing, remember to keep the water out of the eyes and ear canal as much as possible.  Dry the dog after rinsing, and comb out the hair.  We allow our Australian Labradoodles to air-dry and keep that beautiful wavy coat.

Grooming your new Australian Labradoodle is not a difficult task if you are consistent.  We schedule grooming appointments every 7 weeks, however this can depend on your preference of coat length. A typical time period is 7-11 weeks between grooming appointments. Keep in mind, the longer between appointments, the more brushing is necessary to keep the coat free of any debris or matting.