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We are a boutique breeder of multi-generation miniature and medium size Australian Labradoodles in Portland, OR. Our first born son struggled with a runny nose and itchy skin for the first 2 years of his life. We soon realized that our lovable family pet was unwittingly causing the issue. As fur companion lovers we could not bear to lose the opportunity for a family pet, and we sought various breeds of dogs that had hypo-allergenic qualities. We originally had a breeding program for Bolognese, and bred with the Bolognese Breed Association of America for 7 years. However as our family grew we wanted a larger dog (our Bolognese was 6lbs!) that could really hang out with our kids and our active lifestyle. We chose Miniature Australian Labradoodles as our favorite breed for the softness of fur, their appearance and size, and winning personalities - and the rest is history.

Our focus is sustainable breeding with healthy, well-tempered animals. Before we commit to breeding a female we perform all the necessary health testing, and only after that testing is completed do we make the decision to breed a female. Our goal is to produce top quality dogs that are highly socialized and well conditioned to living in a family environment. Our three children make sure your new baby is getting plenty of snuggles and is used to lots of interaction. In addition to socialization, we also teach your new puppy important life skills. We start potty pad training at 3-4 weeks old, and most puppies have completely gotten the hang of it within 2-3 weeks. This is important preparation for learning to go potty in a specific area, and can really help the transition to pottying outside in those first crucial weeks of potty training. We also make sure each dog is used to having their paws, ears and legs touched so they aren’t skittish when it comes to grooming.

We place puppies in their future homes based on personality and lifestyle environment. Our first priority is to make sure a cohesive and healthy match is made between owner and dog, ensuring a lifetime relationship. We are happy to be a resource for any questions, please contact us today!

Josh and Merissa

The Anderson’s of PDX Labradoodles

The Anderson’s of PDX Labradoodles